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There’s no point you spending time and investing money on changing things up if you’ve already got something that’s working well.

We’ll give you a down-and-dirty, honest assessment of your existing CV and let you know what (if anything) you could be doing to enhance it.

How it works:   The CV Stylist will review your current CV and then provide you with individual feedback and advice about what’s working, and what’s not, as well as giving you some practical pointers on how you can improve things.

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A really helpful summary with great ideas on what steps I need to take to make a much better CV, thank you!! – Ana, HR Director.


Jo was meticulous in walking through my work history and in talking to her, I was able to remember and articulate accomplishments that I had previously not thought of or understated.– Jinny, Digital Retail Strategist.

The Full CV Review

from £220 + VAT

We’ll work together to do a thorough review of your existing CV. The CV Stylist will offer you expert advice on how you can improve things and provide concrete practical steps you can take to create an outstanding interview-winning CV.

How it works: We’ll spend an initial 15-30 minutes discussing your objectives, job search context, individual needs and any challenges. Then we’ll schedule an in-depth discussion via Skype (using screen sharing software to view documents), telephone, or in person of 1-1.5 hours to run through the CV itself. The CV Stylist will then follow up with an overview of your CV Review and some additional individual pointers for you. This is a great option if you have a limited budget or if you want to take full control of writing your CV yourself, but would still like expert guidance, tips and techniques on what changes to make.

The Full CV Review is suitable for all levels through to CEOs (except Graduates who should choose the Graduate CV Writing option).

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What I loved about this Review process was the way Jo went out of her way to explain why I should change things, so I really learnt a lot – not just about how to write a great CV, but also about what recruiters in my field are looking for.– Richard, Retail Marketing.


The CV is your foot in the door to a job interview. The CV Stylist’s free 5-Day Free CV Challenge can help you upgrade your CV using some essential quick fixes. Sign up here