“The failure to read good books both enfeebles our vision and strengthens our most fatal tendency – the belief that here and now is all there is.”

Alan bloom

Here at the CV Stylist we love a great and inspiring read. The power of words to change how we think and feel about ourselves in the world, in our careers, and even in our day to day can be truly life-changing. So we’ve collated some of the best recommendations we have to help you advance your career, shake you up a bit and motivate you…

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When you’re at a career crossroads

If you need some practical inspiration and guidance on which way to go next, and how to get there, you can’t get much better than Barbara Sher’s I Could Do Anything if I Only Knew What it Was (How to Discover What You Really Want and How to Get It).

To recover from failure

Check out Megan McArdle’s fantastic The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is The Key to Success. Inspiring stories from real people from all walks of professional life on how to learn from failure and why it can be the making of you.

When you’re feeling stuck in a career rut

Joe Sweeney’s Moving The Needle: Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in Your Career, Business and Life outlines a clear system for you to change up your game and shift out of that rut. Clear actionable guidance and ideas.

To re-find your confidence

If you’re suffering from imposter syndrome and feel like everything you’ve done so far has been a total fluke and actually you feel out of your depth, then take a read of Amy Cuddy’s Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges takes a researched look at how your physical presence can positively change your energy and confidence.